Smash My Debt

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Finally take control of your life by rethinking & resetting your finances. See results in weeks!

Being Totally Debt Free = True Freedom

Spend Less & Save More to Live How You Wish

Take Complete Control of Your Assets & Lifestyle

Debt kills dreams.

Debt is a roadblock that not only traps you but keeps pushing you backwards. Yet most Australians are stuck in debt, constantly paying for things with money they don’t have. It’s our shame that Australia has the 2nd-most household debt in the world!

If you’re living life payday to payday, unsure if you can even cover your expenses, with no savings to fall back on, and seeing financial stress hurt your personal life & relationships, you’re not alone. But borrowing up to your eyeballs isn’t the answer. It’s the problem.

Stop being one of the sorry statistics.

Let the Smash My Debt online coaching program help transform you into one of those people others wish they were like, through our unique:

Step-by-Step Video Course

7 modules & 3 bonus series to get all the knowledge you need to take control of your finances

Planning Tools & Worksheets

Guiding you through a series of practical steps to tackle your debt monster

Access to Our Private Facebook Group

Ongoing content, live coaching & community support to give you extra strength

If you’re struggling under the dead weight of these debts, this course is for you:

  • Personal Loans
  • Mortgage
  • BAS and other Business Tax
  • Family and Friend Loans
  • Credit Cards
  • Assets or Investments no longer owned
  • Store Cards
  • Car Loans
  • Investment Loans
  • School Fees
  • AfterPay and Zipps
  • Centrelink Overpayments
  • Rates/Rent
  • Holiday Payments

Real people just like you are earning & saving more, seeing the light at the end of the debt tunnel after just a few weeks:

  • “We got determined to get rid of our debts quickly. The car was paid out within months and we even began to make the business run better so we could create our debt-free dream quicker. Still on the journey.”

    Family with kids running a business

  • “We have recently started the process of getting control back in our world. We noticed this program made us take a lot of immediate action as it got us in touch with the pain of reality and the rewards of discipline with our headspace.”

    Working couple with kids

  • “I had found myself getting nowhere with my money. I had debts of about $10,000 in total. I am only on about $60k a year and had a kid to look after too. Smash My Debt got me so focused that I found opportunities to pay my debt down in unexpected ways and became debt free in 7 months. If you have debts and lots of bills and commitments to manage, I recommend to do Smash My Debt to smash your debt!”

    Single dad truck driver

    Complete control of your finances can be achieved in 3 simple steps

    Enrol in the Smash My Debt online program

    A one-off payment of only $A198

    Understand where you’re at with money & fix it

    Use the course content & tools as your step-by-step guide

    Be 100% debt free & start building positive cashflow

    Take full control and gain freedom to build your wealth

    The Smash My Debt story… I was stuck in a very bad place in life with 7 figures of debt by age 30.

    I thought it was everyone else’s fault, even though I had made bad choices and taken ill-considered steps on a self-destructive path.

    My lightbulb moment came when I realised it was all about my mindset. If poor decisions and unclear thinking had got me into this dark place, why couldn’t a better thought process help me out?

    As soon as I decided to change my habits and how I thought about money, my life started to change for the better. I fully committed to a few key concepts and executed relentlessly. That’s exactly what this online course is about.

    If someone like me, coming from as far back as I did, can smash my debt and completely turn my life around, you too have all the power you need to rebuild your finances – in a matter of weeks.

    Program Overview

    Core Modules

    Module 1: What’s on the table
    Introduction to the hero and Villain and the landscape in which they interact.

    1. Introduces the main theme and the sub plots of the program
    2. Debt is destroying lives and you are in its path
    3. Moving from buckets and dams to streams and rivers
    4. Accountability to your team is everything!
    5. Lies about Money and Debt
    Module 2: Creating a money mindset
    Getting the upper hand over the Villain and discovering the villain is a killer of souls and dreams.

    1. The Most Important Mindset to Defeat Debt
    2. Your Super Power List
    3. You OWE it to yourself. (The concept of creating Outcomes, your Why and taking Explosive action)
    4. The Lion and the Gazelle
    Module 3: Living within your means
    This is the Budget creation and formation of several small ponds and dams of money.

    1. World State of Play
    2. Making Money Your Slave
    3. Be a Budget Bandit
    4. Go fetch some water
    5. Being able to Breathe again
    6. Creating memories
    Module 4: Making your money work for you
    Moving from being a slave to money, to money being your slave. We move from Money Mindset to a wealth creation mindset.

    1. Creating an army that fights for you
    2. Cutting down the weeds of poverty
    3. Creating the desire to Thrive and grow.
    Module 5: Smashing your debts

    This is the debt Cascade plan – totally focusing on eradicating all consumer debt in order to then get ready for the “Build My Future” program where they work on owning their home outright with 10 years or less.

    1. Running Away from the Lion
    2. Focus on the little guy- interest not that important
    3. Keeping intensity for the long game
    4. Get some accountability and help – where we offer Colaborative accountability and a Budget Bandits application.
    Module 6: Creating certainty in uncertain times

    This module looks at the risks in your world and how to mitigate those risks – relates it to the mindset of the wealthy.

    1. What is the one thing your house needs?
    2. Preparing for the 1:100 year winter
    Module 7: Creating a long-term roadmap
    This looks at long term wealth creation and provides some scaffolding and education.

    1. Preparing for Fun Years Ahead
    2. The Financial planning toolkit you need to know about
    3. Becoming an investment genius!
    4. Myths about Retirement Planning

    Workbook & Application Tools

    1: Smash My Debt Workbook

    All the personal action steps and practical tips in one place. This workbook will become a companion to guide you on the journey of rethinking and resetting your finances.

    2: Budget Bandit Tool (Cashflow Plan)

    Simplify all income and expenses into one plan. This spreadsheet consolidates weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly and annual cash flows within each of your budget categories. See your five budget categories in vivid detail so you can have confidence that your essentials are covered and you have something left to begin to start smashing your debt!

    3: Variable Income Plan

    For debt-smashers with variable income, this tool allows you to manage expenditure in addition to the Cashflow Plan. A regular amount is committed to the Cashflow Plan, and anything on top of that can be managed in the Variable Income Plan to pay additional expenses.

    4: Debt Cascade Plan

    See clearly the pathway to smashing your debt. Enter your debt details and repayment plans and see exactly how each debt becomes easier to smash than the last. Choose the order in which you’d like to repay the debts, and add any anticipated additional repayments, then watch your debt cascade until you’re smashing it.

    5: Personal Balance Sheet

    See your current financial position. Enter your assets and debts to calculate your net worth. See how much Assets you will have after smashing your debt.

    6: Budget Benchmarking Tool

    Compare your expenditure categories with a common benchmark to see where you may need to make adjustments to your budget in order to increase the amount your have to smash your debt.


    5 Daily Habits of a Debt Free Life

    Learn the 5 practical daily habits that have helped thousands of other people escape the debt trap!

    Stop trying to keep up with the Joneses. They’re going 180 degrees in the wrong direction.

    Despite the big houses and fancy cars, the people you’re trying to measure up to are just maxing out more credit cards and juggling loan repayments.

    Avoid living this toxic superficial life by finally making sense of your finances. Banish debt forever and design the lifestyle you want, with cash in the bank.

    Enrol in the Smash My Debt program today and escape the rat race.

    Smash My Debt