Regain Control of Your Personal Cash Flow

A Budgeting Crash Course to get on top of your bills and create financial margins.

Go Beyond Making a Living & Having a Life

Quit Working Yourself to the Ground for Bills

Make the Most Out of Life Without Money Problems

When you lose control of money, you lose control of your life.

Money is an enabler for many good things in life, but most people can’t make the most out of their life because the numbers don’t line up. Stupid money problems.

What will life look like for you if money is a non-factor whatsoever? Frankly, mastering over your money situation is not hard to achieve at all. It just takes some simple structure-followed daily discipline.

And this is exactly what this course is about.

Brought to you by Smash My Debt, in this practical budgeting crash course we will handhold you to:

Reorganise Your Bills

To no more than 60% of your income

Create Extra Income

To give you enough buffer for rainy days

Establish Good Money Habits

And never go back to the trenches

Included in this course:

  • 6 Video Modules to breakdown the core concepts of your money mindset

  • Full Workbook and Excel Templates – this will become your bible for money management for years to come

  • Guided video sessions to help you fill out and utilise the workbook and budgeting tools

  • Access to our private Facebook Group for ongoing support and money education

Meet your course instructor

Malcolm Flowers

Debt is a roadblock that not only traps you but keeps pushing you backwards. Yet most Australians are stuck in debt, constantly paying for things with money they don’t have. It’s our shame that Australia has the 2nd-most household debt in the world!

If you’re living life payday to payday, unsure if you can even cover your expenses, with no savings to fall back on, and seeing financial stress hurt your personal life & relationships, you’re not alone. But borrowing up to your eyeballs isn’t the answer. It’s the problem.

“You are going to blow $29 at some cafe or buying useless things online anyway. Why not invest that into changing the trajectory of your entire future?”

Stop being drowned by money problems. Regain control today.

With the right common sense guidance and practical actions, anyone can slay the money monster within weeks.

Make the decision today to face the dragon and reorganise your finances for a better future!

Smash My Debt